Nomadicare Mongolia – Nomadic Reindeer Herder


Nomadicare supports and preserves traditional Mongolian nomadic culture through healthcare, films, and stories.


In 1994, Sas Carey, RN traveled for the first time to Mongolia, where she discovered her life's passion, working with the nomadic people who inhabited the rugged landscape of this area. Drawing on her nursing background, she was first led to work with them in the area of healthcare, which was severely lacking.

After working with the nomads and reindeer herders for over two decades, she had developed close relationships with them. They opened their hearts and lives to her and the focus of her work shifted from healthcare to documenting a threatened lifestyle. 

Sas founded Nomadicare, Inc. in 2010 as non-profit with the 501(c)(3) fiscal agent Ecologia in order to gather support and resources so she could continue her work in healthcare and documentation. She has produced and directed three feature documentaries: Gobi Women's Song, Ceremony, and Mirgration, and written a book, Reindeer Herder's in my Heart.

The mission of Nomadicare is to support and preserve traditional Mongolian nomadic culture through healthcare, films, and stories.


“Taking this opportunity I would like to thank [you] for your life long dedication in studying Mongolian history, culture and language and promoting Mongolian studies in the United States as well as around the world.”

Altangerel Bulgaa

Ambassador of Mongolia 

“We are grateful to Nomadicare and Sas for preserving our lives on film and giving us Vitamin C. We notice that with Vitamin C, our children are healthier in the winter.”

S. Ganbat, East Taiga Dukha reindeer herder

"I fully support the work of Nomadicare as it seeks to preserve Mongolia's nomads through health care.  The nomads are helping to protect both the environment and the wildlife of their country."

Jane Goodall Ph.D., DBE

The Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace