Sas Carey

Founder & Director of Nomadicare

As a seeker for the place where earth, spirit, and healing intersect, Sas Carey has been searching in Mongolia for over two decades. She is a registered nurse, energy healer, educator, author, and filmmaker. Since her feet first touched Mongolian ground back in 1994, Sas Carey felt there was some reason she was being sent half way around the world to this land. Following that, she has documented the Mongolian Nomadic lifestyle for various audiences through her collaboration with many producers and writers.



Battulga Solonoi

Trained as a biologist and a Dukha himself, Battulga guides the Nomadicare team through the taiga (boggy forest) and the cultural forays of the reindeer herders. As our Tuvan language interpreter, he schedules shaman interviews, plans and organizes transportation in the taiga, and is responsible for the safety of the team while riding reindeer or horses to the settlements.


Khongorzul Mendbayar

Pharmacist Naturopath. Currently resides in the Netherlands. Served as assistant to Nomadicare for 6 years, and continues to volunteer.


Anudari Ganbat

Anuka studied tourism at Mongolian National University after many years of working with foreigners at her family guesthouse. She is a guide, translator, and knows everyone in the taiga. Visit her website to learn more.


Fred Thodal

Digital media specialist, archivist, animator, photographer, and videographer. Traveled to Mongolia as Director of Photographer and Editor for Migration.


Jennifer Schweppe

Jennifer Schweppe works as a media specialist, videographer, and editor. She worked the editor and backup camera for Transition.


Marcin Lesisz

International award-winning Polish filmmaker. Director of Photography for Transition.


Dune Mayberger

Graduate of Castleton University in Theater Arts. Sound Recorder for Transition.


Anna Halldórsdóttir

Anna Halldórsdóttir is an Icelandic composer and sound designer. She has created music and sound design for film and theater, including solo projects as a recording artist. She is the Music Director and Sound Designer for the Gobi Women's Song, Migration, and Transition movies.


Melissa Kosmaczewski

Melissa Kosmaczewski is a creative and a producer with a background in photography and motion production. Melissa loves taking on productions with a range of styles and voices, always thriving to showcase impactful stories.



B. Boldsaikhan MD, PHD

Dr. Boldsaikhan is a teacher, author, medical doctor, Buddhist scholar, yoga practitioner, consultant to a Japanese space agency, and more. He trains sum doctors in the use of Traditional Mongolian Medicine for Nomadicare.


Narantsetseg Logii, PHD

With her degree in Medical Biology, Nara trained

sum doctors in laboratory safety techniques and testing. She is a professor at the Health and Sciences University, Department of Chemistry and Biology in Ulaanbaatar.


CH. Batnairamdal

A Buddhist lama medical doctor of traditional Mongolian medicine. He trained sum doctors in traditional medicine with Nomadicare's program.


T. Buyankhuu

She is a professor at the Health Sciences University in Ulaanbaatar, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. She trained sum doctors in laboratory safety techniques and testing with Nomadicare.




Davaajav is a humble nomadic shepherd and Darhad shaman and teacher.

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N. Nasanbat

Nasanbat is  a Buryat shaman with roots in

many other shamanic traditions in Mongolia. He explores, researches, and teaches about shamanism and the spiritual world. He works to relieve pain, spiritual harassment, and bad influences. He graduated from the Arts University of Mongolia as a painter. 


D. Davaadoglor

Dadu is a shamanic researcher and healer. A Buryat shaman  with roots in many other shaman traditions in Mongolia, she  explores the spiritual world trying to relieve pain, disease, and shift negative energy. She has a business background with a degree from the United Kingdom.  She and Nasanbat wish to develop spiritual tourism in Mongolia and create a bridge between Mongolian shamanism and the world.