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Marrying Mongolia: A Memoir by Sas Carey

"What a fascinating life you have had! I’m so glad you put it in words and shared it with the world."

-Leigh, Vermont 

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A child of the ’50’s, Sas Carey was raised to marry and rear children. She did that, but with the care and morals shared by her parents, along with a lust for life, learned she could follow her own path, strewn with heartache, yet leading to transcendence and Mongolia. Her story is one of empowerment. In overcoming expectations, Sas becomes a healer of body and soul, learning that she need not devote herself to a single person to substantiate herself.


This book shows the experiences that led her to Mongolia.

304 pages, published by the International Polar Institute with 16 pages of colored photos and 47 small black and white photos beginning each chapter. Paperback.

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Reviews of Marrying Mongolia


Sas Carey, a Quaker, RN and energy healer, went to China with a holistic nurses group from where they made  a side trip  to Mongolia. There, Sas found her life’s work. First in the Gobi and then with the reindeer herders in the north, she brought needed health care to people lacking any. Seeing threats to their way of life, she learned how to make films that document their nomadic life. Her powerful memoir, Marrying Mongolia, through brief stories of her childhood, her life as an impoverished hippie and her healing practice, tells how her life readied herself for her work in Mongolia.

-Jean, Vermont


I respect your willingness to share so openly with your readers, and marvel at some of your adventures.

-Grace, Vermont

I usually read for five or ten minutes before dozing off. Not with Marrying Mongolia. I opened it at 12:30 and didn't stop reading until 4:30. At the end of each chapter my inner voice said, 'just one more”.  

-Olive, San Francisco

I feel compelled to let you know how much I am enjoying it. You are a natural storyteller, drawing the reader in and maintaining our interest. I stayed up till 12:30 two nights ago to keep reading!

What a fascinating life you have had! I’m so glad you put it in words and shared it with the world.

-Leigh, Vermont

I think one of the most interesting things about the book is that it is written in present tense. It seems very important for a memoir, how time and memory work ever present, the past is not ever really passed in our memories.

-Carrie, Vermont

Comment on the book cover: I can practically FEEL the luxuriously thick, soft coat of reindeer fur. I LOVE that you did that/ Oh my god, was that your idea? Brilliant!~ What a gorgeous opening to your journey. 

-Leiah, California

Interesting that you started writing young and connected writing to your lively curiosity in just about everything early on. Love your listing of resolutions!  Keen observer you were. Good fun….. -Tom, Florida

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