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Archive Project

Archiving material documenting the Mongolian traditional way of life from the past three decades will enrich the lives of the new generations. But more than this, something deeper, it answers the yearning all humans share-“who am I?” To know and be bonded to the ways and wisdom of their ancestors addresses this profound question.

Eleanor Ott, professor, ethnologist and writer, Nomadicare board member

For 29 years we at Nomadicare have collected data in the form of clinical notes, calendars, photographs, video clips, artifacts, and books. Sas was able to document life beginning in 1994, before many Mongolians with cell phones could take an abundance of photos or videos. The 1990s were a time of rapid transition from socialism to democracy. Our work focuses on the day-to-day life starting at that time. 


Our archive project is preserving this material for Mongolians as well as the world.


Nicholas M. Connizzo, former digital archivist for Vermont, began by organizing our 16,630 photographs to create a searchable database. His present work is to gather and organize our 500-1000 hours of video. 


We are in the process of offering this archive to the Smithsonian Institute, National University of Mongolia, the Library of Congress, and Western Washington University so that researchers will have access to it. 


Please consider supporting this important work!

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