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Photo Shows
Nomadicare photo shows of rural Mongolia

Nomadicare can provide documentation of Mongolian people and life for museums, galleries, and art shows. These shows can accompany Nomadicare movies or talks for a fuller experience. In 1990, the Soviets left and when I started being there in 1994, the roads were empty, the stores had no food, and the capital city of Ulaanbaatar had less than half the population it has now. Many of the photos show how things have changed. 


The first show (1995) includes eleven 20” X 28” framed film (pre-digital) photos of people and places in Ulaanbaatar and surrounding countryside.


The next show (2008) contains 30 unframed photos 12” X 18” of Dukha reindeer herders, including a wedding and herding life.


A show of northern Mongolian shamans includes 14 laminated photos size 35” X 24”. It includes shots of the shamans both herding and in their daily lives and also in their shaman costumes performing ceremonies.


Galleries, museums, and schools are invited to display these materials. Contact us for costs and expenses.

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