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Directed by Sas Carey, 2019, 76 minutes

Follow a young woman doctor as her life shifts from a reindeer herding settlement in the taiga to Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar.

Download and Streaming

TRANSITION, a documentary from Nomadicare Films

After a digital premiere in March 2020 at San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, we decided to hold off on film festivals for a year and a half because of the pandemic. We are in the process of getting the film out, giving screenings in person when possible. Film festivals are streaming it in Italy, India, California, Germany, Macedonia, and more.

In Transition 27-year-old medical doctor Khongoroo grapples with what it means to remain in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. She misses the beautiful but remote East Taiga, where two-dozen families and relatives live in a tight-knit Dukha reindeer herding community. Ulaanbaatar, a city of 1.5 million, offers her a job when the countryside does not. With work in the city, Khongoroo must decide whether to risk the health of her three-year old daughter in the polluted capital or leave her with her grandmother where the air is clean. Through the eyes and heart of Khongoroo, we experience the challenges from the city to the taiga and back that modern life brings.

Note to Supporters:

Nomadicare feels blessed by you! 


Finishing the production of the film Transition has required every single contribution you have made to Nomadicare! All recent donors are credited in the film because whether you have donated toward vitamins or hygiene kits or been an Executive Producer, the movie could not have happened without you. Distributing health care supplies is one of Nomadicare’s ways to reciprocate and create relationship with the nomadic herders. They generously allow our cameras full access to their lives. 


Documentary: Launch and Distribution 

Please help us complete the process to get our new film out to the world!

Any amount will help us apply to film festivals and attend them, make film copies for screenings, create a PR kit and attend screenings.

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