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Multimedia Speaker
Sas Carey speaking engagement
Nomadicare founder and director Sas Carey offers her expertise, humor, and open heart to audiences everywhere. She has been presenting to audiences numbering from 12-500 people for many decades. She can speak about health and healing from the perspective of a Registered Nurse and energy healer who has studied traditional Mongolian medicine. After absorbing her training in traditional medicine, she describes how the two systems work: "Western medicine targets the systems and assumes the system will heal. Eastern medicine targets the systems and assumes the symptoms will heal." She speaks of "harmonizing" the two systems, not "integrating" them. 

For over two decades, Sas has been documenting life in Mongolia -- nomadic herders, the land, women, and shamans. She has taken extensive field notes and photos and made audio and video recordings, and created an archive to hold them. From these she has written an account of her experiences Reindeer Herders in My Heart and produced three feature length documentary films.


Sas Carey is available to tell compelling stories and anecdotes about what it feels like to live in the taiga, what it feels like to witness a shaman ceremony, and how it feels to go between the protection of a small town in Vermont to the big skies of Mongolia. Through telling these small stories, she speaks to larger themes of how we live, how we heal, how landscape affects identity, and how we live in the body and out of it. She feels part of wherever she is and brings home the insights she has gained. In her grounded matter-of-fact way, she speaks about spirit. In her spirit way, she talks about the mundane and concrete earthy life. 

A presentation may include anecdotes, multimedia presentations, an art show, a movie, reading from her book, a spiritual reading, and showing her slides. She is available for speaking engagements at theaters, schools, hospitals, institutions, libraries, museums, communities, businesses, and private events. She welcomes invitations to speak to small audiences and intimate events at homes, as the way of the future of communications. This includes private events, special occasions, where the audience wants to understand her work and will, as one host requested her friends, "Give as much as you can."

Nomadicare offers multimedia presentations including videos, book readings, slideshows, and lectures on its work in Mongolia. The work highlights nomadic life, health, and environmental changes. Bio-energy presentations are also available. Contact to book a presentation for any age group.


"Sas Carey is generous and engaging as she answers audience members' questions, making for an informative and inspiring event.”

~ Linda J. Yarr, Director Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia (PISA), Sigur Center for Asian Studies,The George Washington University 

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