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Mongolia Culture Study


If you happen to be in Lincoln, Vermont, ask any child under twelve about Mongolia and he or she will have something to tell you. Narantsetseg Tseveendulam, Jen Schweppe, and Sas spent many days in January and February (2019) sharing Mongolia with the community. The teachers at Lincoln Community School led “expert” groups on many aspects of Mongolian life: making and eating yogurt and dumplings, sewing dolls and making traditional deel costumes for them, having visiting reindeer(!), seeing their names written in Cyrillic, celebrating holidays, making prayer flags and Tsam masks, singing, dancing, creating music, and even building a ger (yurt) and urts (Siberian tipi) in the school yard. In March, students demonstrated their projects at an all-school festival with parents and community attending.

When Narantsetseg put this on her Facebook page, some of her friends in Mongolia wrote that they should have these events there to remember their traditional culture.


For elementary schools: Please contact us to schedule a Mongolian Culture Study for your school.

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