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Reindeer Herders in My Heart book by Sas Carey

Join Sas Carey as she follows her calling to a remote community of nomadic reindeer herders in the northernmost reaches of Mongolia.

Also available in Mongolian and French

Mongolian Reindeer Herders in My Heart book by Sas Carey
French Reindeer Herders book by Sas Carey

We talk about 'cultural exchange,' but it usually happens on the surface - this is a different kind of story, about connections at the very deepest of levels across distances of every kind. A remarkably hopeful and beautiful story!

~Bill McKibben author and environmental activist

Your book is like a jewel for our children and grandchildren.

~Khalzan, West Taiga Dukha reindeer herder and shaman

Sas’ written word is up close and personal, one can almost smell the freshly made reindeer milk tea, while reclining on reindeer hides and watching the burning of juniper incense. A great read. 

~Sanj Altan President of the Mongol-American Cultural Association....

Book: Reindeer Herders in My Heart

Live her experiences and encounter the spirit world, truth, ancient ways of healing… and a strong heart connection.

As a person who grew up in our beautiful Khovsgol province, I deeply share the existence of the two worlds depicted in the book - physical and spiritual, and enjoyed Sas Carey's book very much.

     ~Oyungerel Tsedevdamba Mongolian Minister of Culture, Tourism and Tourism Sports,  Member of Parliament

Our country is richer by [Sas Carey’s] presence.

~Bekhbat Khasbazar Mongolian Ambassador to the United States

I like that these are just plain words, telling about our lives. Not beautiful words making it something else.

~Otgonbayar, West Taiga woman Dukha reindeer herder

This is a passionate but clear-eyed look at a threatened culture deep in the mountains of Central Asia. And it’s a low key and very charming adventure story.

~Steven B. Young, Ph. D. Author, former professor of Northern Studies, and traveler in Mongolia

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