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Steppe Herbs documentary by Sas Carey

STEPPE HERBS, MARE'S MILK & JELLY JARS Directed by Sas Carey, 2017, 17 minutes

A Journey to Mongolian Medicine

In Steppe Herbs, Mare’s Milk and Jelly Jars, producer and director Sas Carey shares the story of two Vermont nurses. In 1995, she and Kathleen Scacciaferro traveled to Mongolia, becoming the first Westerners to study and be certified in traditional Mongolian medicine (TMM). Shot on VHS-C and Hi-8 camcorders, Steppe Herbs takes you on a personal journey  where you’ll see un-staged action shots of their experience.

  • Explore the treatment methods involved in bringing patients into balance

  • Meet Dr. B. Boldsaikhan, the Mongolian medicine teacher

  • Discover the importance of mare’s milk and steppe herbs

  • See how jelly jars are used for medical treatments

  • Glimpse the tradition-filled life of the Mongolian nomads

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