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Gobi Children's Song web poster.jpg


Directed by Sas Carey, 2022, 18 minutes

Mongolian children steeped in nomadic tradition straddle the old and new. 

Droughts cause a lack of pasture for the herds of camels, horses, sheep, and goats in Orkhon and Buyanbat’s nomadic family life in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Children’s music sets a magical tone as eleven-year-old Naraa and her sisters and brother help in every task from delivering water to shearing sheep and preparing food from their animals. Yet, they straddle modern life as well, using a truck to haul water, cell phones to communicate, and a motorcycle for herding. The young people watch television cartoons as they have a dinner of goat that they helped to carefully and calmly butcher. Set on a seemingly limitless expanse of desert, this touching film is an intimate and hopeful view of a new generation steeped in tradition while gracefully weaving in the tools of modernity that work for them.

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