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How you can support Nomadicare

Healthcare in Mongolia

$100 toward hygiene kits,

$50 toward Vitamin C

for Dukha herders.

Nomadicare on Tour

Documentary screenings

and presentations.

Archive Project

Video clips, photos and

stories from three decades.

Four ways you can donate

You may give any amount.


We maintain a brokerage account for the purpose of accepting donations of securities. Please contact Nomadicare's fiduciary agent,

Carolyn Schmidt of ECOLOGIA.



Please make your tax-deductible gift out to our 501(c)3 fiscal agent Ecologia, write “Nomadicare” on the memoline, and mail it to



248 Washington St. Ext.

Middlebury, VT 05753


Your tax deductible contribution via PayPal will go through our 501(c)3 fiscal agent Ecologia.

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Mongolian nomadic reindeer herders health project

Vitamin Project


Nomadicare found kids with bleeding gums in the Dukha project in 2002. Their diet does not include vegetables or greens needed to prevent scurvy. 


Each year since 2002 Nomadicare has delivered a year's supply of Vitamin C and hygiene kits to 300 nomadic reindeer herders in the East and West Taiga of Khovsgol.


No bleeding gums have been seen. Herders report fewer colds and coughs during the winter when the temperature is often -30 degrees F.


Continue to research ways for Dukha herders to get natural vitamin C. Until then, provide supplements each year. 

Hygiene Kits For Dukha Reindeer Herders


Supplies to promote health.


Provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, moisturize, lip balm, sunscreen, candles, matches, and flypaper to 55 nomadic reindeer herder families. Teach use.


Healthier self-care starting with the children.


Continue providing kits and teaching health.

vitamin project
Donate to Nomadicare documentaries and health care for rural Mongolia
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