Laboratory Project

Rural Mongolian hospitals laboratory donations Nomadicare


In 2001 while shooting Gobi Women's Song in Manlai Sum, South Gobi, we asked the head physician Dr. Rentsennorov, what she would like if she could have anything for her sum (county) hospital. The hospital, like others in rural Mongolia, had no running water, no inside bathrooms, and occasional electricity. It also had very little medical equipment. Dr. Rentsennorov said her dream would be a laboratory. Then her patients would not have to find transportation and drive nine hours for a blood or urine test.


The next year, Nomadicare took donated microscopes, centrifuges, and supplies, along with a medical technician to teach proper use of the new equipment. Supplies and equipment were donated by hospitals around New England. In fact, there were enough donations for two hospitals. Manlai Sum and Mandakh Sum in East Gobi received laboratory equipment and training.


About 5,000 nomadic herders from two sums now have access to blood and urine tests close to home.


Laboratory equipment, supplies, and training were later given to Altanshire Sum Ikh Khet Sum in East Gobi, as well as Kharkhorin in Ovorkhangai, improving health resources for over 100,000 rural Mongolians. 

The government has subsequently taken over this project.