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Would you like a credit in the next movie? 

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$50 ~ A year’s supply of Vitamin C for 250 herders (need 6) 

$100 ~ Hygiene kit for each Dukha family (need 5) 

$500 ~ Film supplies (hard drive, flash drives, solar panel, battery) 

$1,000 ~ Food and lodging for taiga (20 days X 4 people) 

$1,500 ~ Horses and wranglers for 4 people 

$2,000 ~ Interpreter (50 days X $40) 

$3,000  ~ Cameraperson (30 days X $100) 

$10,000 ~ Cultural Preservation Benefactor (Pre-production  and development costs) 

$100,000 ~ Cultural Preservation Angel (Production costs)