Reindeer Antler Carvings

By Dukha Reindeer Herders

Collector's Statement

When I first was in Mongolia in the mid 90s, fuzzy or blood antlers where being cut off from reindeer and taken to China in big trucks. It was one way for the Dukha reindeer herders to make money. Unfortunately, they discovered that a new set of antlers, caused their herds to be hosts to parasites and diseases. In the late 90s the herders were given tools to carve antlers, which have fallen off naturally. They know that a new set of antlers grows each year and over the years have become proficient in creating their designs of nature, animals, and life in the taiga. Collecting animals and carving them brings income to the families without harming the reindeer. 

I'm grateful to the indigenous reindeer herders for showing us life from their point of view.

This work goes nicely with a screening of Migration, as we see the process of carving in the film.

For more information on how to display these in your gallery or museum, contact us.

--Sas Carey

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